About us

Your podcast hosts are Jill & Amanda, a couple of gals who met in The Standby Line and continue to visit the show regularly whenever their schedules allow.

Amanda is a Virginia native who has a newfound love of all things SNL, and an old, never-ending love of all things bookish. She digs food, but hates cooking, and cannot survive without a bullet journal. Is fluent in Pop Song Lyrics and Film Quotes.

Jill was born and raised in New England and currently resides there with Amanda! SNL has been in her life for the past ten years and she can’t imagine Saturdays without it. Apart from NYC and Standby, Jill loves cooking, teaching, and all animals!

Aubrey is a producer and boots-on-the-ground source for the podcast. She’s a student who resides in Manhattan and has attended 30+ standby lines over the past couple of years, both with and without Jill and Amanda.