So You Wanna Be a Sponsor? Let’s talk!

Your Standby Line squad is more than thrilled to explore and entertain sponsorship opportunities with companies and folks who offer top-notch, real cool products that we think our listeners would be jazzed to explore with us.

We’re on the hunt for placements that include your product in our episodes! Every ad remains embedded in our podcast forever, which increases the audience reach as more and more people begin listening in. Our favorite part? None of our listeners have to pay-to-play! Every episode includes an ad, free to our audience, and including your sponsorship!

Each ad spot involves a 15-45 second placement, whether scripted by you or improv’ed by your Standby Line hosts, as well as a forever-embedded link in the episode’s description on all podcast-listening platforms, and a forever-listed “shop” link on our website.

Our target audience is young, dynamic, and enthusiastic SNL “super fans” who throw themselves into their current obsessions whole-heartedly.

Want more info? We’re happy to discuss rates and specs with interested parties – just use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP to see what we can sort together.