The Standby Line, Week of May 11th/Emma Thompson.

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We’re still super new to this whole podcast situation, you know? And there’s this thing that goes down with ya girls where we aren’t always able to get episodes out and published as quickly as we’d like. We know our listeners are the coolest folks on the planet, we know you understand, but we’d still like to keep ya posted on what’s going on around here, and give you little inside peeks into what it’s like to exist on The Standby Line.

This past weekend, the line was like many, many others this year, only the weather was — can you believe it — BETTER THAN USUAL! We only had a little bit of rain on Friday, whereas, for pretty much 100% of the other standby Fridays, the line has gotten drenched.

The SNL gods were smiling upon us, friends. Or was it Dame Emma herself?

Either way, it was the chillest. We got to enjoy a little sunshine before we disappeared into the depths of Rockefeller, because, and bear with us here — we truly thought we were going to be able to record our pals’ guest spot on the podcast INSIDE NBC. We know, we’re dreamers. It turned out miserably.

But there’s something so fun about spending 45 minutes in an empty elevator bank fangirling about a show and cast you love, and we regret nothing.

(We regret a little bit. But not THAT much.)

The guests on this episode were going to talk with us about what was cut and what we missed from the Adam Sandler/Shawn Mendes show, which was cool, but always comes with a strong case of FOMO. One of my favorite things about the line, though, is that there’s a group of somewhere around 10-15 folks the line collectively calls “regulars.” 

By this we mean, there’s some of us who recognize each other and share hugs ‘n’ hellos, chitchats ‘n’ gripes, and who collectively turn up for the show on a pretty consistent basis. This week, eight of us ended up in line in roughly the same area, and then ended up in a straight ROW for dress rehearsal.

Imagine it! Eight of us! And every single person between the crew chose the live show, so we all ended up in line together! It’s unheard of, people!

And then, of course, we had the (maybe not quite) completely unexpected cameos from Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, and, as luck would have it, the large majority of sets during the show situated mid-studio or over on the stage left/house right directly in front of us — the point is: It was an epic show. The point is, I love these babes.

The point is, The Standby Line sometimes feels like sleep-away camp, and if you’re thinking of braving a New York City sidewalk sleep, I’d recommend it. With my whole heart, I’d recommend it. There’s nothing quite like it!