What’s the hold up?!

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You gonna do the standby line in May and you’re hankerin’ for some more tips? Did you miss the dress rehearsal during the Emma Stone/BTS episode and you want to hear some behind the scenes tidbits?

Sit tight! We’re working on it!

Due to circumstances beyond our control (it turns out, regardless of what we’ve been told in the past, BTS fans were able to start lining up for standby last week on MONDAY instead of Wednesday, so, we also had to line up for standby on MONDAY!! instead of Wednesday), we were unable to record or release the Kit Harington/Sara Bareilles podcast episode like we’d originally planned.

But good news comes to those who wait, Standby Liners!

We’ll be releasing our next episode, featuring some recap shenanigans from the S44E18: Emma Stone/BTS show on THURSDAY. This Thursday! In just a couple of days!

So hang on to your knickers, kids. We’ll be right back!